Some of the current features

User registeration & login

Allow users to login and register to your website! Manage your users and control what they can do and can see.


SlimarUSER uses PDO prepared statements, hashed passwords using bCrypt, secure captcha system and an optional email verification system. With these features your website will be free from spam.

Roles and permissions

Manage what your users can see and can do. You can create user groups and control their permissions.

Extremely quick installation

With our super easy and fast installtion wizard, your website will be set up with SlimarUser in no time! Full documentation is included to explain to you how to integrate the system into your own website.

User profiles

Allow your users to have their own custom profiles! Profiles also contain commenting, so other users can comment and reply to comments on profiles. SlimarUSER also has a messaging inbox system, so users can message other users

Administration panel

Control your website by a simple but advanced administration panel! Manage your site, and manage your users! Administrators can send emails, manage users, user groups and permissions, view activity logs and edit site settings

And more to come..

In the future we will be adding many more features to SlimarUSER.
Our goal is to provide optional frequent updates to our customers. Get started with SlimarUSER now, and get provided free feature updates in the future.
All updates in the future will be compatiable with previous versions, so no extra work needed.

Coming soon list

  • User calendars - Can be shared public or private
  • User pins - Extra security for accounts - If activated pins are required before logging in
  • Following users - Follow users and get a feed from followed users
  • Payment user groups - Require users to pay for certain user groups [such as VIP]
  • Forums - Integrate a fully featured forum system in your own website using SlimarUSER
  • Social logins - Login using social networks such as Facebook, Twiter and Google+ accounts

  • Don't see a feature that you'd like to see added? Suggest it and we will try our best to make it happen! Suggest it by clicking here